Who we are

Kilgour & Associates

Who we are:

Vision: To be recognized as a premiere CPA firm that is focused on building the expertise and insights of our team that would translate into benefits to our clients.

Mission: To be a world class accounting firm that provides services that adds value and solve clients complex issues through our professional’s expertise and industry focus.

Our Core Values:

Integrity:   Our professionals strive to ensure that our integrity and independence in fact and appearance is always maintained to the standards within the accounting industry per the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Personality: Our professionals are ready and eager to work with you and your team and execute their   job by interacting with you in a meaningful and engaging manner.

Consistence: Our team delivers information and experience to our engagement that is consistent with the current AICPA standards and rules. Our team members all speak the same language business technical language to ensure that our clients get a clear understanding of engagement needs and requirements in accordance with the standards.

Focus:  The team at Kilgour and Associates strives to deliver services that are centered on fulfilling your needs as it relates to timeliness and quality and customized.